About Us

Just Another Sports Bar? Nah.

It was the mid ’90s. The world was foundering in an ocean of sports bar wannabes and over-hyped, corporate-y, cookie-cutter bar-and-grill “systems.” A thought leader named Jim Weaver (“The Weave”) and some incredibly insightful partners believed the key to saving the world was building “Happiness Centers” filled with big TVs, great (but simple) food, friendly (but not “have-a-nice-day”-fake-y) service, and lots of cold beverages containing varying percentages of spirits.

The goal? Good Food. Great Times. Not average food and gimmicks. Not froo-froo-faux-fabulous-foodie-fare. Just a good ol’, laid-back, family-friendly (and grownup-friendly—let’s not lose that point) sports bar. Turns out this is exactly what the world needed. Jim and his partners were right. (Hooray for everyone.)

What We Offer Today

You’re invited to visit our Happiness Centers whenever they’re open (which is usually 7 days a week, about 12 hours a day). Feel free to vicariously connect with us through our VIP Email Birthday Club, through social media (a.k.a. “The Devil’s Diabolical, Ego-Stroking, Silo-Building Productivity Sink Hole”), or through the goofy-but-informative videos you’ll find at the Wings Etc. YouTube Channel.

By the way, our YouTube channel features videos presented in the form of sometimes-cussing chicken and buffalo puppets, but–if you watch enough of them–your cares will fade, and abject joy will fill your heart and mind. Or not. At the VERY least, if you watch a few videos, our social media engagement numbers will increase, and we will have a better understanding of what color socks you wear on Tuesdays. (In fact, we’re probably watching you RIGHT NOW.)

Convinced? Of COURSE you are. Find a “Happiness Center” near you.